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I want you to know that I see and understand you, because I have been you.


  • I remember what it was like to want to protect my space, time and energy without wondering where my next meal would come from.

  • I remember what it was like to want to start a business but being so afraid because I felt like the industry was too saturated and nobody would 'see' me.

  • I remember what it felt like to finally get clients, charging them 1/10th of what I really wanted to charge because I was afraid that nobody would truly invest in me at the rate I wanted to charge

  • I remember what it felt like constantly being in a loop of stagnation because I wasn't confident in my offers, brand and strategies.

  • I remember what it felt like to be absolutely afraid of pitching my services to persons

  • I remember what it felt like to feel like I needed to copy what others were doing in order to truly make big bucks.

Then, I broke free from all of that and found my own way forward by:

  • Remembering my true value and expertise thanks to over 9 years of experience

  • Actively researching and learning things surrounding the challenges I was having

  • Doing some solid mindset work and making a promise to myself that I will NOT be doing things outside of alignment.

My breakthrough allowed me to secure 5 figures in my business with more on the way and inspired me to create ALIGN & THRIVE!

This programme is designed to get you to your goals without you having to break the bank! The approach particularly works to:

  • Empower you to gain clarity and confidence in your business so that you can show up, sell and actively gain more clients.

  • Give you solid principles for strategy development that can assist you in independently developing strategies for each season in your business.

  • Provide a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to win TOGETHER.

  • Help you to solidify your product suite or signature offers and feel safe in sticking with them until you decide otherwise.

  • Help you establish a solid brand that will be strong even through seasons of evolution.

  • Give practical steps to help you to balance your business properly while still taking care of YOU.

  • Allow you to retain your feeling of independence in having a mix of low-touch and high-touch options

Prior to this, Align & Thrive was just a course along with 1:1 strategy sessions. But, I realized that bringing it to life with more components would give Business owners  more lifestyle-type support. I also thought it best to make sure more people could have access at the SAME time which means more impact.


Hear from Previous Clients (Align & Thrive 1.0)

So, with all of that out of the way, who exactly is the Membership for and what is included?


  • Online product & service-based business owners who started their business and are at least sure about what they want to offer as products or services

  • Online business owners who desire accountability and support

  • Online business owners who have not yet made 5 figures in their business

  • Online business owners who are still in their 9-5 and want to leave their job ASAP

  • Online business owners who have been in business for a while but have plateaued or are feeling stuck

  • Online business owners who found their rhythm and are now ready to scale and establish sustainable earning for the next 2 years minimum

  • Online business owners who are okay with holding themselves accountable to get the best experience and results


  • Persons who want face-to-face or physical support

  • Persons who have not yet started their business

  • Persons who are still on the fence about what they really want to do in business

  • Persons who are uncomfortable in group coaching settings 

  • Persons who do not like courses and e-books

  • Persons who believe that they must be told and taken through EVERY single step, beyond resources and support that's already provided and require personal investments in experimentation & research 


Here's What's Included
*valued at $1,324


  • 1:1 Instant Messaging (Mon - Fri, 12pm - 8pm EST) (Valued at $600/m)

  • Access to 8-module Core Course (Valued at $497)

  • Quarterly 1:1 Sessions (90-miutes) (Valued at $200)

  • Quarterly Challenges (+ bonus, valued at $100)

  • Free/Automatic Access to Workshops & Masterclasses (Valued at $27 each)

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