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Meet Charmian-Marie

Business Coach & Communications Consultant

I'm Charmian-Marie Beedle and I'm happy you've landed in my end of the internet! 

With over 9 years experience in the realm of Public Relations and Business Development, I've been able to merge this experience with my desire to see persons self-actualize so they can establish a true legacy. 

Here, you'll be able to see how you can benefit from my business support through Private Coaching, my Membership programme as well as my Digital Resource Hub. 

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Core Approaches

The 5C Approach

(Guiding new business owners)

-Applied to Membership Programme -

The Thrive Formula

(Helping you to SCALE)

- With 12-month Coaching Support -

Haul An' Pull Up

(8-step framework for a pivot)

- With 3-month Coaching Support -

Empower yourself by learning the things needed to take your business to the next level - on your own time!

Jennifer Ward,

Chief Financial Officer & Tax Pro

Akuwat Chimwaza,

Customer Service Consultant

Anita Mitchell,

Chef & Cooking Instructor

Done-For-You Services Also Available

Doing Life With Cee

(YouTube Channel)

Purposed Audacity

(Christian Podcast)

Ascend In Business

(Business Podcast)

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